Pyrates of the Coast

A band of pirates. A pirate band.

Avast there!

A group of pirate entertainers based in the greater Seattle area, The Pyrates of the Coast are ready to turn your ho-hum event into a rousing adventure on the high seas.

As pirate entertainers who’ve brightened the lives of thousands – young and old – over the years, the Pyrates of the Coast can offer you dependable, quality pirate entertainment that no one else can!

Like what, you say? As professional pirate entertainers, we’ve read books to children at library storytime, served as color and atmosphere at festivals and events, mingled with the rich and famous, sang for five hours at a convention during a power blackout, played pirate games with children of all ages, entertained 500 sheet metal workers, shanghaied a ship filled with guests and sailed them off to Treasure Island, performed 24 hour pirate marriages – the list is endless. Why, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We even have a full blown three-act pirate melodrama complete with costumes, sets, props, sword fights and a cast of 15 and our own pirate band, Knot for Sail.

We guarantee that our pirate entertainers will spice up your next event no matter what it is or where it is. We havemore than 100 years of combined experience to back it up.

So drop anchor, explore the many inlets and bays on this ‘ere site, and find out more about the Pyrates of the Coast.


Learn more about our crewe and origins in the Under the Crossbones podcast.

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Born 200 years too late…

The Pyrates of the Coast have been performing throughout the U.S and abroad for the last 30 years.

 As professional and volunteer pirate performers, we’ve brightened the lives of thousands – young and old – over the years. Our pirate performers come from all walks of life but have one common goal: making sure everyone has a great time. And while we’re anchored in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve appeared at festivals, events, celebrations and corporate events across the country and the Caribbean as pirate performers.

Just a few of the events we’ve been part of include a Pirate Feast for 400 corporate employees, a treasure hunt, a shipwreck dance, Mardi Gras Magic in Port Arthur, Texas and the Pirates in Paradise festival in Key West.

And what do we do at these events? We serve as roving pirate entertainers; mixing with the crowd, posing for photos, serving as goodwill ambassadors, making people relax and laugh and generally adding to the atmosphere. We can even bring black powder weapons and swordplay to your event to jazz things up. Everything we do is top quality, safe and audience appropriate. Think of it as a three-ring circus (without any clowns) filled with piratical entertainment and interactive excitement your guests will love!


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